Hefty Lager Fermentation

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Hefty Lager Fermentation

Postby keith.bachman » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:15 pm

I brewed a doppelbock as my first lager brew (I know, ambitious but go big or go home!). I know lager fermentations take significantly longer than ales, especially at higher gravity. My question is this: how long should my primary fermentation last? Below are my specs. Be advised, I pitched a robust starter where I pitched approx 15% more yeast cells than was required (I needed approx 780 billion and pitched close to 820). I also oxygenated my wort with pure 02.

SG: 1.095
1 week reading: 1.065
Target FG: 1.020

It may be my inexperience in lager fermentations, but I am a little scared I hit a temperature spike in my mash. I was able to hit all my preboil and post boil numbers, but am worried that my mash may have left too many unfermentables.

Any insight, help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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