HERMS Setup and other brewing equipment

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HERMS Setup and other brewing equipment

Postby Chrismith » Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:54 pm

I have a two-tier HERMS Setup that I need to sell quickly. I am moving out of state in a few weeks and have a lot of brewing equipment that must all go. My phone number is (417) 718-7087. Please call me to price things individually. I will sell all of it for $700 or please call me to price items individually. I have attached a picture of all of it. Here is a short description of most everything that is included.

This is a Herms setup and a perfect setup for brewing 10 gallon batches of homebrew beer. Converted keg lauter tun with installed digital thermometer, mash tun, and HLT, copper tubing for recirculation, chugger pump, copper wort chiller, 90 pound propane tank (still has propane in it), steel stand with three banjo burners installed, and all necessary hight temp tubing, 2 party pigs, 2 kegs with CO2 tank and regulator, spectrometer, multiple brewing buckets, extra digital thermometer, stainless steel spoon, 2 beer filters, 2 bottle cappers, wort chiller, 5 Carboys (5-6.5 gallon), one demi john(Great for 10 gallon batches), a Yellow Dog kit, frozen hops, 2 extra stainless steel pots, uninstalled sight tube. This is not even a complete list of everything I have. I am also selling a 4 keg keezer setup separatly. I will post it as well.
Picture of Homebrewing Equipment
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Re: HERMS Setup and other brewing equipment

Postby Ben » Tue Nov 10, 2015 11:54 am

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