October Meeting Minutes

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October Meeting Minutes

Postby kdubb » Fri Oct 18, 2013 5:05 pm

October 15, 2013
@The Homebrewery
16 in attendance

8:46 called to open
8:48 review of old business viewtopic.php?f=35&t=318
8:55 Treasury report
8:56 Competition update: 81 entries total, 10 metals were awarded to Zoo Members with Chris B. earning 5 of them. Emphasis on new competition and competition committee. Score sheets were handed out to the members present.
9:00 Barrel program update with Chris B. w/ bylaws for the project.
9:08 Event stamp has been shelved at the moment. Business cards moving forward.
9:11 Zootoberfest with Tim and Charles 3pm Oct 19th, 2013
9:13 Cider Discussion: Ordering from Murphy's Orchard, if interested contact Todd Frye
9:15 Beerfest November 23, 2013: Volunteers needed, own ticket will need to be purchased. Working out logistics of brewing for ie. Who and What.
Fermentation Fest Nov 2, 2013: Brewing demo, contests, and fun to be had. Talk to Todd Frye for more details.
9:27 Interclub Brew Off update, draft proposal.
9:28 Business Card update and T-shirt update
9:32 "Growing Pains" We as a club are getting a little large for our means. We have been talking about having another meeting a month, focusing on the educational portion. Also, people wise we might need to think of another venue to fit all of us. We will address this more as a club.
9:45 Close for social period for Good Brews with Good Friends.
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